Consciousness After Death

It’s really incredible to read stories about people experiencing consciousness after death during a near death experience. It is somehow comforting but at the same time it is still an enigma that has been on the minds of millions of people at some time or another. I find it truly amazing to hear accounts of people who can recall so many details from conversations of people to seeing items in the same room or in other rooms for that matter during a near death experience.


Consciousness After Death 

With regard to mind-brain relationship, the most interesting NDE cases are those occurring during cardiac arrest. When there is a cardiac arrest, brain activity ceases within a few seconds. In that state, the electroencephalogram (or EEG—electroencephalography is a technique for recording the electrical activity of the brain) becomes rapidly flat. According to contemporary neuroscience, consciousness and other higher mental functions are not possible in such a state. Yet, more than 100 cases of NDEs occurring during cardiac arrest have been reported in previous studies. Importantly, some of these cases contain temporal markers, that is, verifiable reports of events occurring during the period of cardiac arrest (I am presenting a number of such cases in “Brain Wars”).

One such case was reported by Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel and his colleagues in an article published in The Lancet journal. Here is a brief summary of the case. Original article here


Some researchers suggest that consciousness after death is related to the dream state. This actually makes sense since the afterlife is considered to be “eternal”. Lucid dreaming for example can feel like days, weeks or even months in some cases when actually the person might only be in REM sleep for a few minutes.

This is definitely a great direction to start if you are researching what the afterlife is. I know I have had many lucid dreams that felt more real than this physical reality that we live in that felt like it lasted weeks. I have also had many experiences of friends and family as well as animals that have passed on communicating messages to me in these intense lucid dream states.

Have you had a near death experience or even a lucid dream of which you have had loved ones who have passed on visit you in these dream states? If so please share your experiences with us.

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