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Extraterrestrial Threat: A Secret War Off The Shores Of Northern California?

A recent conversation between George Noory and Stephen Bassett on Coast To Coast about the extraterrestrial threat provides an interesting insight to the article about the recent UFO war off the shores of  Northern California in the pacific basin. I … Continue reading

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UFO Invasion: A Real Threat Or Just Disinformation?

Weather you believe a UFO invasion could be real or not then maybe you should open your mind and stop speculating for a moment. It is interesting that an article by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor from the Veterans Today website featured this … Continue reading

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Prayer Does Not Work

Prayer does not work for people who pray no matter what religion they are unless they can feel the feeling of what it is that they want as it had already happened. It is extremely important to use all of … Continue reading

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Manipulating Space Time With Torsion Field Physics

Manipulating space time with torsion field physics is an important concept to research when investigating the paranormal.  An easy example that comes to mind is of a fictional account from the movie Star Wars when the Jedi uses “The Force”. … Continue reading

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Supplements For Lucid Dreaming And Out Of Body Experiences

Imagine being given the chance to explore the “real world” like in the movie The Matrix by choosing the red pill that Neo took to find out the truth that you are searching for. The truth may be much closer … Continue reading

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Mexican Government UFO Disclosure

How do you feel about being kept from the truth of our history throughout your life especially when it involves UFO’s and otherworldly beings? Obviously after the Mexican government UFO disclosure I’m sure many of you are outraged as to why … Continue reading

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