Manipulating Space Time With Torsion Field Physics

Manipulating space time with torsion field physics is an important concept to research when investigating the paranormal.  An easy example that comes to mind is of a fictional account from the movie Star Wars when the Jedi uses “The Force”.

An important point that Dr. Claude Swanson makes in this interview with Truth Brigade

This man is practicing pranayama which means “extension of the prana or breath” in Sanskrit. It is otherwise known as “extension of the life force”.

Radio is that our consciousness can interact with these energy fields. This interactive torsion energy field exists in the vacuum of space in abundance and in everything that happens according to Dr. Claude Swanson, so there is a never ending supply of it. It also exists in the acupuncture meridian system of the body.

Dr. Claude Swanson also explains how our thoughts that we focus on intently in an altered state can shape this torsion field pattern that is all around us in which you get coherence. Coherence is achieved in this case when the body and mind are aligned and those energies are vibrating together in unison.

An example of this would be that if you are trying to attract a specific kind of car then you would first need to be in an altered state such as in a deep alpha or theta brain state while holding this image in your mind. Then you imagine you are driving this vehicle around while at the same time noticing all the details and the feelings that you get while in the car. The feelings that you get from this visualization excercise will start to align your mind and body therefore giving you coherence which will open a path for you to manifest that car.

In David Wilcock’s book The Source Field Investigations he said that:

“While this would obviously sound crazy to most people, it makes perfect sense when we remember that If you have the right coherence – which we now know means the right geometry – you can indeed get a gravity – shielding effect and may also be able to pull in energy directly from time-space.”

this quote came from page 333 under the heading, Rocks with naturally occurring quasi-crystals. This quote also helps confirm that time-space houses an energy that maybe one day in the near future the general public will be able to tap into it as a free energy source.

Its interesting in that time-space is the place of what some people refer to as the afterlife  and while there is speculation that these interdimensional UFO’s are manufactured in this dimension and then capable of popping in and out of our 3d physical reality while using this torsion energy field to travel between dimensions then this would make perfect sense as far as a basic understanding of how they operate their craft.

This also gives a simple explanation of how spirits that are from a deceased body can manifest back into our physical reality from beyond the grave into a solid looking full bodied apparition. Its makes sense that they would be using this torsion field the same way a UFO can use it to travel between dimensions.

Manipulating Space Time With Torsion Field Physics

It took me a bit to wrap my head around this concept at first but once you understand the basis of it, it really is a simple way to explain things like the law of attraction, summoning a UFO or even a demon for that matter whether you use a simple meditation technique or an elaborate ritual.

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