Prayer Does Not Work

Prayer does not work for people who pray no matter what religion they are unless they can feel the feeling of what it is that they want as it had already happened. It is extremely important to use all of your senses during this prayer/visualization.  If you are praying for a stack of 100 dollar bills then you would have to visualize that it is already in your hands. While you are holding this stack of 100 dollar bills you begin to notice the smell of the paper and ink. Are the bills crisp and clean or are they well worn? Pay attention to what emotional state this money will  put you in and immerse yourself in that feeling during your visualization or prayer. Gregg Braden does an excellent job in explaining this concept in the video below.

Prayer Does Not Work

This concept is the same whether you are praying in a church, home or are participating in an elaborate voodoo ritual with all the props that go with it. Rituals are a good example of using and stimulating all your senses while going into a deep alpha brainwave state and realizing that you already have what you wanted. If you think that prayer does not work then you may not be using the correct methods to make it work while at the same time keeping you in a state of always wanting.

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