Survival After Death: Will You Be Deleted Or Saved?

A healthy aura and a fractal environment is vital for survival after death.

Many people believe in the survival after death, but what happens during the actual physical death of the body? According to Dan Winter, a perfect charge compression of a persons DNA is essential for a successful transition at death. When a person measures their halo or aura with Kirlian Photography the body is revealing the health of its magnetic field. The aura grows significantly when the body absorbs more charge. The way a person can absorb more charge is by living in a fractal charge environment.

Living in a natural environment surrounded by trees and stone or the near the ocean in wooden or stone houses with the least amount of metal and wiring throughout the house or structure will allow the body to absorb more charge essentially feeding the aura or magnetic field of the body. This charge can be greatly amplified if the living environment is built by using sacred geometry.

Synthetic clothing will inhibit the feeding of the auric field of the body as well so it is best to wear natural fibers such as cotton or linen when possible.

Survival After Death: Will You Be Deleted Or Saved?

Basically if your auric field is big and healthy, survival after death can be achieved and ¬†your DNA will have the perfect environment to prepare all your biological memories for charge compression and acceleration so it can unpack non destructively when you reach the “other Side”. This reminds me of a zip file on a computer in a way. During death your consciousness with all your memories are packed for the ultimate trip and at your destination they the unpack without any destruction as long as you have a healthy aura at the time of death and preferably in a natural setting.

Places with sacred architecture around the world like Machu Piccuu and Solomons Temple, ect. are what Dan Winter calls solar fractal capacitors which can store charge. Sacred burial grounds where there are energy vortexes (ley lines crossing) are great places to build natural temples or houses to store this charge as well.

Are you living in a location that is feeding your auric field or are you surrounded by electronic smog and metal buildings?

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