Aura Energy: Living Beings And Objects Can Be Influenced By It

Eric Pepin of the Higher Balance Institute describes a simple method of learning how to see the human aura energy field of people and objects. As people interact with other living beings and objects our thoughts and intentions can have subtle or extreme influence over whatever it is that we come into contact with. If you project enough energy or intention into an object then that object will hold that programmed energy of your intended thought.

So lets say for example you would like to “enchant” an object with a specific program of a particular feeling like love or lust then you can project the feelings of love and lust into a piece of furniture or a piece of jewelry to hold that programmed energy from your own energy field.  When a person comes in contact with the programmed object then they can feel love or lust depending on how sensitive or in tune they are with energy fields.

Aura Energy: Living Beings And Objects Can Be Influenced By It

The ability to see the human aura energy field can also be useful for detecting disease in the human body in advance. Traditional Chinese acupuncture is a way to clear any blockages of the meridians or acupuncture points in order to correct the flow of qi (chi) which can correct an imbalance in the human aura energy field.

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