The United States To Plan Alien False Flag Attack?

Whether the senior editor of the Veterans Today website, Gordon Duff is part of a huge disinformation plot for an alien false flag attack or not, nobody knows for sure except for the ones involved and no one will be able to prove this with all the secrets, lies and disinformation being spread creating a delusional smokescreen. The only thing that we can go on is factual evidence, which is hard to come by but it is out there in the hands of real actual witnesses either with their own eyes or recordings made with their video cameras and cell phones who may or may not want to come forward.

It is hard to swallow that the United States is actually involved in treaties with alien groups who are in need of human bodies for whatever purpose whether for food or as a water source unless they are to be kept alive for deep space travel picked off one by one as  hunger and thirst needs are to be met.

Through science we know that the human body can be physically altered with sound and thought frequency. By subjecting the human body to certain frequencies we can cure or kill a single person on up to large populations of people. The deaths of major populations may not come on immediate as this would raise suspicions from the general population but instead these frequencies if used immorally can be used to cause disease that can turn into terminal illnesses going undetected. Besides, if our government sold us out to be harvested for food or experimentation in trade for technological alien secrets, I think we would notice large populations going missing at an alarmingly rate.

So why would the Aliens need to manipulate our physical bodies then when they can manipulate our bodies magnetic energy field causing change to our genetic makeup?

If  the information would happen to be true then I would suspect that the people who are taken for food or experimentation are being taken by secret groups within the government backed by organizations who interest lies in genetic medical research and disguised as an alien threat.

The United States To Plan Alien False Flag Attack? 

In his radio interview, Duff described the initial experience that made him aware of the extraterrestrial issue for the first time. He says:

In 1982 I was put on the readers group for Majestic 12. I received an original copy, slightly redacted. Done on a typewriter, dated August 23, 1977, Office of Naval Intelligence. About 12 pages long, I had copy number five.

Duff claims that at the time he had a high level security clearance from an unnamed government agency, and that it took him 18 months to be cleared for the Majestic reading group. After reading the document for about two hours, Duff put it back in its binder, and never saw it again.

Duff revealed the contents of the document:

The document covered the period from 1947 to 1977 when they were produced. They indicated that over this period we had two distinct treaties. There have been more since, I have been told. One [treaty] in 1947, initially with President Truman. One in 1953, with President Eisenhower… The 1953 treaty with President Eisenhower was an agreement, a coercive agreement against the USA on behalf of a hostile alien power that wished to be able to kidnap a number of citizens from the United States, which means of course that they had agreements with other nations as well.

What Duff revealed next might be a shocking set of provisions forced upon US authorities by hostile aliens, or something straight out of a propaganda manual to condition a domestic audience for a future false flag alien war.

The numbers were unusually high. These were not people that were going to be detained, and probed, and returned. These were people that were going to be detained and butchered. They were very clear about that!

There are some important reasons to suspect that Duff may, in 1982, have been unknowingly recruited to spread, at some future time, propaganda that would assist a false flag operation.

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Could the recent UFO war going on in the pacific ocean just be a simulation test for an alien false flag attack on U.S. citizens? Who knows, and where are the witnesses? Also, if the United States is planning a huge mission such as this then what is the motive behind something as insane as this? My guess is that it has to do with genetic research.

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